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Anzac Day is a commemorative day, often filled with mixed emotions. While many will be filled with joy connecting with old mates, for some this can be a difficult time that may involve isolation, loneliness and struggle.

The Defence Community in Townsville (serving, ex-serving and families) makes up about 20% of our community. While most are doing well, some find it very tough during this time.

This Anzac Day period, we challenge you to check five mates. Those who are going well, challenge them to check five more mates. Those who may not be travelling well, encourage and support to seek help.

Host A #CheckYourMates BBQ or Event

BBQ’s are a great way to bring people together to see the power of conversation, learn the importance of #CheckYourMates, connect and get to know one another a little better. Register your event and we'll send you resources you can print and use, like templates, to help make it a success. Make sure you tag us on social media, so we can share your event.

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