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Check Your Mates This Christmas

Check Your Mates This Christmas

03 / 12 / 2019

Christmas can be a challenging time for many, and after what has been an especially difficult year for the Townsville and North Western region, the festive season is a time to be vigilant.

Operation Compass Project Manager Ray Martin, said the Christmas season can be mentally challenging. “We are surrounded by festivity, images and messaging about family and gifts and joy, however, we know this is not the case for so many in our community. Christmas is a time when it is most important to extend the hand of friendship, to reach out and connect to those who may be new to town, living alone, or who may be doing it tough,” said Mr Martin.

“We are asking our community to reach out to five people this Christmas – make some time to connect, have a chat, and if necessary, talk with the person about taking some positive action.

“Our work with Check Your Mates through Operation Compass is based on the concept of prevention through connection. We can prevent suicide and self-harm by creating ways for people to connect and regain a sense of community and engagement.

“This Christmas, give the gift of your time and care – reach out and touch base with five people and encourage others to do the same.”

The Check Your Mates campaign is an outcome of the Operation Compass project - the ex-ADF and Families Suicide Prevention Project, based in Townsville. Operation Compass is one of 12 National Suicide Prevention trial sites funded by the Commonwealth Government. It is the only project focused exclusively on veterans of the ADF and their families. The project is coordinated through the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network.

For media enquiries, contact Christian Gordon or 0455 900 730.

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