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Keep Connected with Mates

Keep Connected with Mates

03 / 12 / 2019

Having served in both the Australian Army and now the Queensland Police, Senior Constable of Police Townsville Tactical Crime Squad, Mr Mark Campbell, says the Christmas and New Year period is always a  very emotional time, particularly for those who feel alone. 

“During my time of service in both the Army and with Queensland Police, the one constant theme that I have enjoyed is mateship and camaraderie. We share a common bond and through this we are connected and supported, despite the challenging and sometimes traumatic nature of our work.

“When service personnel are discharged and enter civilian life, they can easily become disconnected and feel as though they are missing something that is difficult to describe. I think it is this common bond, this connectedness with others that is the missing link and the vital element in positive wellbeing.  I strongly believe that we should be focusing on keeping connections alive post discharge; certainly for the first few years when the impact is at its greatest.”

The Check Your Mates campaign is an outcome of the Operation Compass project - the ex-ADF and Families Suicide Prevention Project, based in Townsville. Operation Compass is one of 12 National Suicide Prevention trial sites funded by the Commonwealth Government. It is the only project focused exclusively on veterans of the ADF and their families. The project is coordinated through the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network.

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